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Shoaib Azeiz Alawadhi


Mr. Shoaib Azeiz Alawadhi established the Majid S. Bin Weqaish Advocates and Legal Consultants with a vision to change the ongoing legal practice in the United Arab Emirates. Its goal is to help individuals meet their legal needs, and to assist companies in managing and preventing commercial disputes without wasting time and money. It also aims to establish Majid S. Bin Weqaish Advocates and Legal Consultants as one of the leading law firms in the country through a team with high experience and always ready to help clients.

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Majed S. Bin Weqaish

General Manager

The vision of Mr. Majid S. Bin Weqaish is to support new and existing companies by providing the most reliable legal advice at the most reasonable expenses. He aims to serve His clients by providing them with trustworthy legal advice in a world where everyone is busy making profits. He is aware of the importance of having adequate legal support to run a commercial business, and he works on the same premise to provide distinguished legal services to everyone.

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Sami Munsif

A legal advisor, with 30 years of experience working in the legal field, among which are 21 years of experience working in all types of cases in the UAE and its courts, he is a certified arbitrator for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

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Mr.Emad Nour

Legal advisor, master's degree in law, and certified arbitrator for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries for 20 years. He also has experience working in the legal field.

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Mr.Mohammed Tyseer

Experienced Expert with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting, construction industry. Skilled in Crisis Management, trading, and labour Law. Strong finance professional and contractual management.

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Mr.Hamzeh Armoush

Financial Officer, with 10 years of experience working in construction, medical and legal services.

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Mr.Mostafa Ibrahim

Public Relations Officer, with 11 years of experience in human resources and public relations.

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Mr.Mohannad Hamamsah

An internal auditor with 8 years of experience, one year of which he worked as an external auditor in the fields of construction, investment, and services.

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Mr.Mohamed Taha

Legal researcher with a master's degree in law, with 6 years of experience in the legal field.

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Mr.Al-Saeed Bakr

Legal researcher, with 7 years of experience in law and judicial systems and dealing with electronic systems in all UAE courts.

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Ms.Chaimae Azirar

Administrative secretary, receptionist, with 5 years experience, and speaks 4 different languages: Arabic, English, French and Russian.

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Mariam Attar

Legal Secretary, and translator with more than 8 years of legal work experience in UAE. Fluent in English and Arabic

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