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Construction Litigation

We can help you with various construction issues that may be encountered in UAE, from avoiding potential construction disputes, to deciding whether or not to file a lawsuit, You should give priority to law firms that can assist you with an entire team rather than a single attorney, while searching for a lawyer specializing in construction work. The construction sector is a specialized field that requires sufficient knowledge, skill, and experience to deal with the complexities involved. Give us priority in disputes related to construction works, and let our experts rid you of emerging and current problems.

In the United Arab Emirates, there are no specialized courts for settling disputes related to construction work, which causes the length of the procedures taken and time wasted. All cases related to construction projects are handled by civil courts resulting in long-lasting trial periods and many other complications. This is the scope of our services. Trust our office to handle your construction business disputes and allow our legal team to file a lawsuit or take the optimal action as per your case. Our extensive experience enables us to deal with issues related to construction projects, which include the following:

  • Extended time periods
  • Assessed compensation
  • Allocation of responsibilities
  • Time extensions
  • Submit notifications
  • Change requests
  • Affected costs
  • Performance guarantee disputes, and others.

Our office provides you with the most effective legal solutions to all the aforementioned problems and other related issues. Our team includes experts with in-depth knowledge of the law practices of the United Arab Emirates. They are also aware of all laws applicable to “contracting contracts,” which is the term used in construction contracts in the UAE civil law. We continue to work on improving our services by constantly updating the developments and allocating our efforts to our clients. Our attorneys will closely monitor the case, identify problems and provide the best possible solutions.

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