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Insurance and Reinsurance Litigation

The insurance industry is the one that deals with the maximum number of problems, whether in the country or any other part of the world. And it has to deal with many insurance and reinsurance claims and disputes on an almost permenant basis. Here, we offer you services related to insurance and reinsurance disputes. You can contact us now to obtain the service of lawyers specializing in insurance affairs to settle all your cases related to claims and insurance coverage disputes with the best possible strategies for pleading the case.

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We, MAJED BIN WEQAISH AND SHOAIB AL AWADHI ADVOCATES AND LEGAL CONSULTANTS L.L.C., have a team of insurance case lawyers with great experience working in law firms and dealing with matters related to insurance. You can also contact us for our specialized reinsurance services who can handle all reinsurance disputes. We just want to keep our customers satisfied with the services by providing our best solutions. We listen carefully to understand the problems they face and create a plan for their problems.

  • We support the parties in all the various matters related to insurance, which include insurance coverage disputes, property insurance claims, the financial solvency of insurance companies, liability matters, breach of contracts, fraud and others.
  • We can plead claims related to contractual and other compensations due to breach of insurance policies in accordance with the UAE Insurance Authority and Civil Law.
  • Our lawyers specializing in insurance and reinsurance cases have extensive experience in various fields including construction, commerce, banking, real estate and more. These diverse experiences enable them to understand the current or potential complexities that could arise in the future in terms of insurance disputes.
  • We offer our services at reasonable prices.
  • We strive to implement procedures that are as cost effective as possible in order to maintain the satisfaction of our current clients and our potential clients.

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