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Corporate Litigation

Abu Dhabi corporate lawyers

Corporate litigation is essential to stave off the disputes that companies usually face nowadays. Our lawyers specializing in these type of cases can help you with all the internal, external, local or international corporate cases. If you are a foreign investor looking to establish a company in the UAE, you must form a partnership with a local citizen (Emirati national). Partnerships are often formed without both parties having a prior relationship history. In such cases, problems may arise and eventually turn into conflicts. This is the area of ​​our useful services. Just give us priority to able to settle disputes without procrastination.

Why Choose Us?

We, MAJED BIN WEQAISH AND SHOAIB AL AWADHI ADVOCATES AND LEGAL CONSULTANTS L.L.C., protect the interests of our clients in many contentious cases that may arise within the company. We have dealt with all sorts of conflicts with the utmost care and efficiency, from small local issues to complex international matters. Just contact our office and save the time and effort consumed, to utilize it in your basic business activities. For said reasons, give us priority to:

Resolving commonly faced issues

The breach of contract is one of the most frequently faced problems in addition to many other issues that include shareholder disputes, concluded agreements disputes, post-merger disputes, and many others. We have championed many of these matters and have helped our clients by achieving results in their favor.

Skill and Expertise

These days companies need lawyers who have sufficient experience working with companies. This is another reason to convince you to give us priority to appoint us. Our legal advisors have extensive experience with all the basic skills to deal with such disputes. They are also aware of the complexities involved within commercial ventures. They will discuss your problems and help you obtain the best legal solutions.

Practical, tailored solutions

We understand that all projects have different needs, so the problems arising from them will also differ. Our services are not limited to following the traditional methods mentioned in the law manuscripts. We accomplished all the work by understanding the requirements and following the practical approach, from resolving shareholder issues to assisting managers with issues related to management and responsibility.

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