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Commercial Litigation

Import and export rule the world now. The term used to link these two activities is trade.

Trade enables importers and exporters to generate profit by buying and selling goods, as well as assists consumers in the daily use of the goods they need. It is a meaningful concept that supports life to the fullest. However, conflicts may arise that might have a negative impact on the supply chain and logistics. These scenarios may arise from government measures or private transactions and cause harm to your brand value and the reputation of your company. In order to overcome all of these issues, you need a legal team that can handle all types of commercial disputes.

We, MAJED BIN WEQAISH AND SHOAIB AL AWADHI ADVOCATES AND LEGAL CONSULTANTS L.L.C.Bin Weqaish Advocates and Legal Consultants, have a team of skilled and experienced legal consultants who can efficiently deal with these types of disputes, including but not limited to consumer disputes, claims and disputes related to land, aviation, shipping, breach of contracts, etc. till then. We have represented importers, exporters, buyers, suppliers, producers, distributors, agents, franchisees and beneficiaries of franchisees in all of the above-mentioned matters.

We can also support our clients in intellectual property disputes that may include trademark lawsuits, copyright disputes, illegal imports and many other disputes.

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