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finding a lawyer who is able to meet all of your legal needs is a not an easy task. We will not exaggerate if we describe it as near impossible task. So, what should one do? One can still contact one lawyer at a time for a specific claim, but the real challenge is dealing with various requirements in the event that you own or manage a business. This is the scope of our services. And thanks to be the best law firm in the United Arab Emirates, we allow you to benefit from the most reliable legal aid at the most reasonable prices in the country. If you are still looking for the best law firm in the UAE to meet your company's needs, you do not have to search anymore!

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Sound Legal Advice

Contacting us for legal advice is not limited to re-reading the laws of the UAE and its regulations only, but we listen carefully to you, understand your concerns, refer to the problems you have previously faced, are currently facing, or may face in the future, and provide clear and sound advice to address the situation you are going through.

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Talented Team

We allocate a full team to help you, and around the same cost that you would have incurred for a lawyer, or perhaps at an even lower fee if you have multiple requirements, this is one of the secrets of us being the best law firm in the UAE!

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Innovative Solutions

We apply all original and modern methods to ensure mutual benefit, our customers trust us in meeting their requirements, and we are not reluctant to go the extra mile to enhance the optimum potential for achieving positive results for them!

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Our Legal Practice Areas

There is nothing better than having a legal team by your side who is able to solve your numerous issues so that you don't have to search here and there for each of them. This is what Majed Bin Weqaish and Shoaib Al Awadhi Advocates and Legal Consultants L.L.C achieves for you. Whereas, we represent the parties from the private and public sectors in pre-trial procedures, trial, and all other legal procedures as the case may be, while proposing the best possible results. Our litigation experience includes:


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